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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Wednesday, July 18th

5:30PM- An officer was dispatched to Freeman Street for a report of a breaking and entering.  In an apartment occupied by two Brookline residents, one arrived home to find dirt scattered around the apartment.  At first, the finding of dirt was not of concern.   During the resident’s search of the apartment for items necessary for upcoming traveling plans she noticed an item was not where she remembered placing it.  After walking around the apartment to see if she placed it somewhere else she observed an open window in the living room with a cut open screen of which was pulled off its frame.  More dirt was discovered under the open window and trailed to other rooms in the apartment.  When the second resident arrived home they scoured the apartment to determine if any other belongings were missing and discovered many items absent.  After reaching out to the apartment manager the tenants contacted Brookline Police.  This case is under investigation.

6:42PM- An officer was dispatched to Target on Commonwealth Ave. for a report of a shoplifting incident in the electronics section.  When officers arrived to the location they observed the described suspect around the intersection of Amory Street and Dummer Street.  A Target employee was also nearby the suspect pointing to him.  Two officers stopped the suspect, questioned him about having a red bag, a bag the Target employee described to have been used in the shoplifting incident.  After denial of having the bag, an officer retrieved the open bag from on top of a dumpster and observed unopened electronics inside.  The suspect was asked for his name and date of birth of which he gave.  After running his name, officers were made aware of many prior entries but no warrants on the suspect.  The Target employee claimed the suspect had been stealing from the store for two weeks on three separate occasions.  The employee identified the suspect as the individual conducting the shoplifting incidents.  The suspect was then searched, placed under arrest, and transported to The Brookline Police Station where he was booked.

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