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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

2/19/2018 through 2/20/2018


In the morning of February 19, an officer was dispatched to a residence on LaGrange St for a report of excessive noise created by dogs. Upon arrival, the officer observed 6 dogs in the backyard of the property. The officer spoke to the resident, who had been cited in the past for excessive barking, and she stated that two owners were late to pick up their dogs. The resident was advised that having more than 4 dogs on a property requires a personal Kennel License. The resident was cited for Kennel License Violation.

On Tuesday evening, an officer responded to the area of the Lawrence School for the report of a traffic crash where one of the vehicles left the scene. The responding officer obtained the fleeing vehicles description and broadcasted the information to Brookline units. A short time later Officers, who were conducting traffic enforcement near Coolidge Corner, observed a vehicle fitting the description. The officers observed said vehicle traveling on Beacon Street and make a turn onto Harvard Street. As the vehicle was making the turn it drove onto the curb, and came near pedestrians walking on the sidewalk. Officers initiated a traffic stop on Harvard Street. After a brief investigation the operator of the vehicle was placed under arrest for Operating Under the Influence of intoxicating liquor, Leaving the scene of a Property Damage Accident and other charges.


In the evening of February 20, an officer responded to a residence on Mason Tr for a report of past breaking and entering. On arrival, the victim stated that he had arrived home from work and noticed that his garage door was open which he thought was odd. When he entered his residence, the victim observed that his back door was broken and unlocked and one of the windows was open with a lamp knocked over in front of it. After walking through his home, the victim found that items had been strewn about and jewelry had been stolen. The incident is being investigated.

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