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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Monday, November 12th

7:50AM- An animal bite that occurred on 11/8 was reported.  The reporting party stated that on 11/8 around 9:30AM she was jogging and pushing a baby carriage on Heath Street onto Cramond Road.  As she turned onto Cramond Road she saw a landscaping crew working and the crew’s cars parked across the street.  She observed a male standing at one of the parked cars open the car door. A dog exited the opened door and ran around the car to the front of the vehicle, and headed across the street toward her. She observed the dog to be unleashed. The dog paused at the front of the baby carriage she was pushing, quickly moved around the carriage and behind the reporting party.  The dog then hopped up and bit her on the hip. She remained calm, did not scream, as she was trying to not enrage the dog or panic the baby.  She continued slowly jogging, moving the baby and herself further away from the dog.  She then observed the owner placing the dog back in the vehicle and approached him to request his information, and the dog’s information.  Officers contacted him and he was issues a bylaw citation for a Dog at Large and Bitten or Injuring a Person.

12:22PM- Officers received notification of a shoplifting incident occurring at a store on Harvard Street.  The description of the suspect was radioed to responding officers.  An employee from the store was said to have followed the suspect to another store on Harvard Street.  The suspect was observed by the employee entering the establishment.  Officers that arrived on scene were met by the employee who provided an updated description of the suspect.  An officer located two people arguing towards the rear of the store and entered an employee’s only section where he found the two people one matching the description of the suspect.  The second person, the store manager of the second location reported witnessing the suspect place items into his backpack.  The suspect was placed under arrest.  After acquiring the suspects identification officers were made aware that he had four arrest warrants.   

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