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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tuesday, June 5th


7:17 PM - An officer assigned to the front desk was met by a victim who wanted to report a stolen bicycle. The victim told police that she had placed her bike in her residential underground garage on Sewall Ave. the evening of Thursday, May 31st. During the afternoon of Sunday, June 3rd, she noticed her bike was gone. This incident is being investigated.

Overnight String of Malicious Damage Reports

Between approximately 5:45 PM and 9:30 PM Tuesday evening, several calls were made to Brookline Police regarding Malicious Damage to Automobiles.

Around 7:45, 4 motor vehicles parked on Prince Street had spray paint on them, appearing to be sprayed in a line. As police were talking to the Prince Street victims, Brookline Police Dispatch stated that a resident on Cypress Street also had malicious damage to their motor vehicle.

The officer responding to Cypress Street immediately observed multiple cars with white spray paint on them as they arrived on scene. While speaking with this victim in their driveway, the officer observed more white spray paint on the front of a restaurant near the victim's home. The Cypress Street victim was advised and the officer began to follow the trails of spray paint.

The officer began driving and noticed the same white spray paint on the front of a store. After pulling over, they began walking and observed fresh paint on a door, fence, grill and numerous spots on High Street. The officer was able to find 2 cans of spray paint located in some bushes on High Street that matched the colors observed on the various cars and properties. The cans were photographed as evidence.

Through the investigation, two juvenile suspects were developed and officers spoke with their parents. The youth admitted to the incidents.

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