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Friday, April 6, 2018

4/4 - 4/5/18

Wednesday, April 4th

A victim of fraud came into the Station Wednesday stating that her credit card was used without her permission in the Midwest. Her bank notified her of the charge that morning and was advised by Police to cancel her credit card and report this incident to the appropriate credit agencies. Although outside of jurisdiction, this is an active case.

On Wednesday, an officer was dispatched to Oakland Rd for a report of identity theft. The victim stated that someone had opened a bank and credit card account under her name. Police are investigating.

Thursday, April 5th

On Thursday morning, a woman came into the Station to report fraudulent charges made from her bank accounts. While reviewing bank statements, she noticed 2 charges made, neither being authorized or known to her. A report was filed and the victim's banks will investigate the fraudulent activity. Brookline PD are also investigating.


The Federal Trade Commission offers many helpful tips and tricks to protect yourself from fraud and identity theft. Additionally, they provide resources, including the warning signs and necessary steps one needs to take when reporting/recovering from identity theft.

Their Consumer Information site details credit card fraud, how it happens and the ways to protect oneself from becoming a victim.

*For additional information on these topics, please follow the links above.

Federal Trade Commission (consumer information)
Federal Trade Commission (identity theft)

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