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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Grinch Who Almost Stole Christmas

On Tuesday 12/5 Officers responded to the area of Pleasant St. and Parkman St. for a report of suspicious activity, a male throwing an empty package box over a fence. A witness flagged down an officer and pointed out the vehicle of the suspect, parked on Parkman St. The witness stated that he had seen a Hispanic male wearing a black jacket and orange hat walk up to the courtyard of one of the buildings.  Officers located the suspect who stated that he was in the area looking to pick up free items left out for trash. The suspect told officers that they could look inside his car. Officers retrieved the empty package boxes in order to determine if the suspect was in possession of any of the contents. Inside the driver’s side door was a receipt and the matching clothing was located in the suspect’s trunk. These items were later linked to one of the open packages. Also located in the trunk were 4 drapes, 4 bottles of shampoo & conditioner, and 4 Disney watches. All of these items were matched to stolen packages in the area. The suspect was arrested for Larceny over $250, Larceny under $250, Receiving Stolen Property over $250 and Receiving Stolen Property under $250. After his arrest the suspect admitted to taking the items from the packages. He also stated that he has come to Brookline in the past to find valuables that have been left out as trash. The suspect claimed to have Facebook and Craigslist accounts where he sells the items he finds.

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