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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Arrest made after an alert employee saw a news story.

Today Police arrested a subject and charged him with Larceny from a building. The subject is accused of stealing a cell phone of an employee from a local store.

Today at 11:45AM a local business owner from Beacon Street called to report they had their cell phone stolen last week from their store. They indicated that a fellow employee was watching the news last night. They saw the story of a store on Beacon Street, were an employee had their cell phone stolen. The story showed a grainy photo of a possible suspect. Having the description of that subject today they went to review their store security video. In the video from last week they see a subject looking very similar to the subject shown on TV last night. Their video actually shows the subject take the phone off the counter. The video was turned over to police. A few hours later around 2:00PM the store employee called to report that they believed the subject from last week seen in the video had shown back up. Police arrived and located the subject out front of the store. Based upon the investigation the subject was placed under arrest, charged with larceny from a building. The investigation is still on going to see if this can be tied to last week’s case and if the subject can be identified as the one in the picture seen on the news. In speaking with the store owners from today they pride themselves with being a family store and proud members of the Brookline Community. They are pleased this had a good outcome, thanks to their employee who had seen the news story. We also give credit to our media partners who ran the story and helped get the word out of the similar past larceny.

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