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Wednesday, October 4, 2017



Early on October 2, officers observed a vehicle traveling on Kent St. with only one headlight illuminated. The officers conducted a traffic stop and found that the driver had two active warrants in his name. The driver was placed under arrest.

A man came into the police station to report a larceny. The man stated that a package had been stolen from his residence on Harvard Street.


On October 3, officers were dispatched to Boylston St. for a report of malicious damage. The reporting party stated that a half hour earlier a woman (known to him) had arrived at his residence and began banging on and kicking the front door. The reporting party also stated that he heard crashing and banging and found items broken and knocked over. Officers attempted to speak with the woman in question who became verbally assaultive and combative. The woman was placed under arrest for Willful/Malicious Destruction of Property, Assault and Battery of a Police Officer, and Resisting Arrest.

An officer was dispatched to Spooner Rd. for a report of a past breaking and entering of a motor vehicle. The reporting party stated that she had left her vehicle unlocked overnight and her belongings were rifled through the next morning. While there, the officer was notified by another resident that her vehicle had also been rifled through. Both women reported nothing missing.

An officer was dispatched to Toxteth St. for a report of a breaking and entering and larceny of a motor vehicle. The victim stated she had parked her vehicle the night before and that morning her belongings had been rummaged through and items were missing.

Officers responded to the intersection of Beacon St. and St. Paul St. for a report of malicious damage to a motor vehicle. The reporting party stated that she had turned after a stop sign when a man appeared to become upset that he hadn’t been able to cross in the cross walk. The woman reported that the suspect then punched the back driver’s side door of the vehicle leaving a dent. The matter is under investigation.

An officer responded to a business on Commonwealth Ave. for a larceny report. The reporting party stated that on Friday 9/29 a group of three males had entered the store and taken multiple items. The incident is under investigation.

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