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Tuesday, August 8, 2017



8:44 a.m.: Officers were dispatched to an address on Winchester Street for an attempted residential breaking and entering. The subject could not be located due to the lack of a description from the reporting party. Detectives processed the scene.

9:32 a.m.: An officer responded to an address on St. Paul Street for a report of two stolen bicycles. The bicycles were last seen the previous evening locked to a railing on the front steps of the residence. At approximately 8:30 a.m. on 8/7, two of three bicycles were gone and the lock had been cut.

9:55 a.m.: An individual was placed under arrest for an active default warrant. He was taken into custody without incident.

An officer was dispatched to Pond Avenue for a motor vehicle accident. While waiting at a red light on Washington Street, one of the vehicles struck the other from behind.

Officers were dispatched to an address on Franklin Street for a report of a residential breaking and entering and larceny of property. The reporting party stated that the incident occurred sometime over the past weekend. Various items were found to be missing. The point of entry appears to be a window with an air conditioning unit and the suspect then exited the residence through the front door. Detectives arrived and processed the scene.

An individual stated she received phone calls and emails from a company claiming to have a civil suit against her for failing to pay back a loan. The victim stated she never took out such a loan nor does she have an account with one of the banks involved. She requested information be sent to her lawyer. She completed a fraud report and was advised to contact the Federal Trade Commission and major credit bureaus regarding the incident.

An officer was dispatched to the intersection of Grove Street and South Street for a report of a two car motor vehicle accident. Upon arrival, the Brookline Fire Department was checking the scene as one of the vehicles sustained major front end damage. The other vehicle had rear end damage mostly to the underside. The operator of the second vehicle was issued a citation for Following Too Closely.

A query of a vehicle travelling westbound on Beacon Street revealed the registered owner of the vehicle had a suspended driver’s license. A traffic stop was conducted at the intersection of Beacon Street and James Street. The operator was confirmed to have a suspended license and was issued a citation for Operating After Suspension. 

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