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Thursday, May 11, 2017

5-11-2017 Fraud, Theft, MV accident


On May, 10, 2017 Officers were dispatched to the lobby of the police station for a fraud report. After an investigation  A criminal application was filed with Brookline District Court  for Larceny by False Pretenses (266:30).

 On 5/10/17 while assigned to  Coolidge Corner Officer,  officers were   dispatched to an address on Beacon St. The reporting party states that an unknown male party, late 30's to early 40's, passed a doctor’s prescription for  Oxycodone. The reporting party felt that the amount of medicine prescribed seemed suspicious.  After an investigation it was determined that the prescription was forged. The subject did not return to pick up the fraudulent prescription. Brookline Detectives will follow-up.

 On 05/10/2017 Officers were dispatched to an address on Village Way for a report of a bicycle theft. Upon arrival they  met up with victim, who reports  locking  his electric bike on a handrail by the front door. He stated he had two locks on his bike, a code lock and a lock with a key. Sometime between 12:30-14:20 hours, these two locks were defeated and the bike was taken.  The bike is a silver frame, electric bike, no seat, black handlebars, and a blue pouch in the middle of the frame.

On May 10, 2017 Officers were dispatched to an address on Beacon Street for a motor vehicle blocking a driveway. They arrived and observed a MV parked directly in front of a driveway entrance .Officers then queried the plate and discovered that the vehicles status was revoked due to lack of insurance.  The vehicle received a parking ticket for blocking the driveway and towed because it had no insurance. The owner was issued Massachusetts Unformed Citation for (90:34J) Uninsured motor vehicle and (90:9) Unregistered motor vehicle. 

On Wednesday May 10, 2017 Officers responded to  St Marys St and Ivy St for a report of a motor vehicle accident between two vehicles with one of the vehicles attempting to leave the scene.  Both vehicles were located with one vehicle sustaining significant damage. During the investigation the officers believed that one of the operators had been drinking.  The subject performed Field Sobriety Tests and was unable to complete the tests as instructed.  The subject was placed under arrest for  Operating Under the Influence of Liquor and received a citation for the following offenses ; MGL Ch. 90 Sect. 24: Operating Under the Influence of Liquor (Second and subsequent),MGL Ch. 90 Sect. 24 (2)(A): Operating to Endanger (Negligent Operation), MGL Ch. 90 Sect. 24 (2): Leaving the Scene of a Property Damage Accident. No injuries were reported and both vehicles were towed.


On Thursday, May 11, 2017, while conducting traffic enforcement, Officers  observed a MV travelling northbound on Harvard St. without a valid Inspection Sticker . The Officer initiated a traffic stop on  Harvard St. and Lawton St. A license check on the operator revealed he had a Suspended Drivers License. The operator was placed under arrest and charged with the following offenses; (MGL 90:23) Operating After Suspension – License and (MGL 90:20) Failure to Submit Motor Vehicle for Inspection.
The vehicle was towed.

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