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Monday, March 20, 2017

Blog for 3/16 to 3/19

3/16/17 – Operating Under the Influence
Officers responded to Washington St. for a report of a vehicle that had crashed and flipped on its side.  Several alcohol bottles were found during the operator’s extraction from the vehicle. The subject was evaluated by the responding paramedics and questioned by officers who determined the subject was intoxicated. A query of the operator's license also revealed it was expired. The subject was transported to a nearby hospital and charged with driving under the influence.

3/16/17 – Larceny
An officer responded to Brookline High to take a larceny report. The reporting party stated that between 1400hrs on 3/10/17 and 1455hrs on 3/15/17 several apple laptops had been stolen from storage.

3/18/17 – Shoplifting
An officer responded to a store on Harvard St. for a report of a shoplifter. An employee had observed the subject concealing several pairs of women's shoes, and then attempting to leave the store. After being questioned by the employee, the suspect admitted to the crime. The subject will be summoned to court.

3/18/17 – Breaking and Entering
An officer responded to Buckminster Road for a report of a past residential Breaking and Entering. The victim had just returned from vacation and found a glass panel on a door broken and the door was unlocked. Nothing appeared to be missing or tampered with.
Another door inside the residence also appeared to be forced open.

3/19/17 – Shoplifting
Officers responded to a store on Harvard St. for a shoplifting suspect who had been detained by employees. An employee witnessed the suspect attempting to shoplift goods from the store. He attempted to stop the suspect but, was struck in the face. It was after that incident that the police were contacted. The suspect was then placed under arrest.

3/19/17 – Animal Call

An officer responded to Circuit Rd for a live bat that had been captured. The individual stated that she saw a bat flying around her residence and was able to capture it in a Tupperware container. The officer took possession of the bat and transported it to the Massachusetts State Lab for rabies testing.

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