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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Blog for 12/28-12/29

12/27/16 –B & E Motor Vehicle

Victim reported that their vehicle was parked in a lot on Amory Street between 6 pm (12/27) and 7:40 am (12/28). Within that time someone entered the vehicle and took the owners quarters.

12/27/16 – B & E Motor Vehicle

Victim reported that their vehicle was parked in a lot on Freeman Street between 5:00 pm (12/27) and 9:15 am (12/28). When they returned to the vehicle it appeared as if someone had rummaged through their belongings.

12/28/16 – Package Theft

Officers responded to Short Street and took a report for a stolen package. Victim reports that they were expecting a package, and according to the delivery company it had been delivered, however the package had been removed from the foyer area of the building.

12/2/16- B & E Motor Vehicle

Victim reported to police that the vehicle was parked in a lot on Freeman Street. The vehicle was parked between 12/16 and 12/28 and at some point someone appeared to rummage through the vehicle.

** This is the third report in a one block radius of cars being rummaged through; a few of the owners had left the vehicles unlocked. This is a good reminder to keep your vehicles locked and keep items out of view.**

12/28/16- Arrest
Officers responded to a residence on Brook Street for a noise complaint. While investigating the source of the noise, one of the parties involved was found to have a warrant. The subject was placed under arrest for the warrant.

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