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Wednesday, December 14, 2016


9:45am: In the morning of December 13, officers responded to a store on Boylston St. for a report of a customer disturbing others. Upon arrival, officers interviewed an employee who stated that a woman had come into the store to return some items and that she had told the customer that due to the price of the items she needed a manager present to process the request. At this time, the employee told police that the customer became agitated and began to yell and verbally insult her before she started taking items off the shelves and throwing them at her. Officers reviewed surveillance footage and were able to confirm the employee’s story. The customer in question was still in the store and was placed under arrest.

10:26am: While on patrol, an officer was attending the front desk was approached by a Brookline resident who wanted to report a past larceny.  The victim reported two packages had been delivered to a residence on 12/11/2016 according to the delivery service, however on her arrival home she discovered the packages were missing.

6:30pm: While on patrol, an officer was dispatched to a business on Webster Pl. for a report of a past larceny. On scene, the victim reported hanging his coat on a coat hook. As he was leaving, the victim noticed his wallet, was missing from his coat. The victim was advised to cancel his debt and credit cards. 

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