Monday, June 20, 2016

6/17/2016 to 6/19/2016

2:41pm: A bike theft was reported on Manchester Road. The bike was locked to a front porch at the time it was stolen. Officers were able to get a description of possible suspects.

2:49pm: A bike theft was reported, this time on Harvard Ave. It was locked to a residential bike rack and locked through the front tire. Officers found the intact front tire still attached to the rack, with the remainder of the bike missing.

5:13pm: Another bike theft was reported on Harvard Ave, also from a residential bike rack. The front tire of this bike was removed, similar to the previous case. The rough timeframe of these two thefts is early in the afternoon.

5:42pm: A larceny was reported from a local business on Harvard Street. The tip jar was stolen and a description was given of a suspect. They are described as a black male in his 20s or 30s, with long hair and a green shirt.

12:42pm: A bike theft was reported on Stearns Road. It was left unlocked at the time.

12:45pm: A bike theft was reported on Coolidge Street. The crime occurred during the overnight hours when the bike was left unlocked on a porch.

12:58pm: The breaking and entering of a motor vehicle was reported on Columbia Street. It was unlocked at the time, and change and a bottle of water were taken. Three other vehicles nearby were locked at the time and did not show signs of being broken in to.

1:22pm: A vehicle was reported broken into on Harvard Ave. Money was taken, likely during the overnight hours. The vehicle is believed to have been left unlocked.

1:38pm: A larceny was reported on St Paul Street. Officers were notified that approximately 20 plants were taken from in front of a building. This occurred over the course of a week.

7:40pm: A vehicle was broken into in a parking garage on Boylston Street. The victim found the interior of the vehicle in disarray, and discovered cash and a GPS missing. The theft occurred at some point over the past week. No signs of forced entry were found.

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