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Thursday, May 26, 2016


1:33pm: Officers stopped a moped on Beacon Street for driving erratically. The driver initially refused to pull over. Officers then determined that the moped was recently stolen. The moped was recovered and the juvenile driver will be summonsed to court for traffic charges and Receiving Stolen Property.

Follow-Up - A stolen bicycle was recovered during search warrant executed in an unrelated case. Officers executing the search observed the bike, which they later did some research on and matched it up to bike stolen in April. The victim confirmed bike was theirs and it was returned to him. The suspect will be charged with Receiving Stolen Property over $250.  In addition, other items also observed during the search warrant, which are believed to be stolen from Motor Vehicles. There is an ongoing investigation to see if the suspect is tied to rash of B&Es of Motor Vehicles in the sector four area.

Follow-Up – After a follow-up on a house break on Clark Road, a flier was developed on a suspect who used a credit card stolen from the house at a Cambridge business.  The suspect was later ID'd by Cambridge Police as having been arrested by Massachusetts State Police for breaking into vehicle in Cambridge. 

Follow-Up - A home healthcare worker caring for an elderly client has been charged with larceny after an extensive investigation by detectives. 

Follow-Up - In another case of money being stolen by an entrusted Home Healthcare worker from elderly victims, officers and detectives unveiled video evidence of a suspect using a victim’s credit card without authorization in order to access victims account and steal money. 

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Thank you, Brookline officers, for your hard work!