Wednesday, March 16, 2016

3/11/16 to 3/14/16

9:21am: A man was arrested at a traffic stop at the intersection of Harvard Street and Webster Street for driving with a suspended license.

10:57am: A man was arrested at a traffic stop on Harvard Street for a default warrant related to a prior offense.

4:08pm: A shoplifting in progress was reported on Commonwealth Ave. Officers responded and arrested a suspect who was located nearby. Stolen goods were found in their possession and recovered.

8:43am: The breaking and entering of a motor vehicle was reported on Walnut Street. The break-in was believed to have occurred sometime over the previous week, and a report was taken.

10:23pm: Two bikes were reported stolen on Mason Terrace. One bike was locked and the second was reportedly unlocked. A report was taken and the matter is under investigation.

7:56am: A man was arrested at a traffic stop on Newton Street for driving without a license.

8:24am: A past burglary was reported on Cutler Lane. Jewelry was reported missing. The matter is under investigation and a report was taken.

4:39pm: A resident on Lawton Street reported a theft at their home. Items were taken from their residence, possibly by a hired cleaner. A report was taken.

4:04pm: Two bikes were reported stolen from a residence on Westbourne Terrace. Both bikes had locks, which were found to be cut. A report was taken.

6:59pm: Multiple subjects were arrested at a traffic stop, with a possible connection to previous break-ins. Please see the last blog entry for more details.

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