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Wednesday, October 7, 2015


On September 30th, officers were dispatched to Pine Manor College for a report of a past breaking and entering.  On scene, the victim showed officers a video, which was taken from his computers webcam.  The video showed an individual entering the room through a closed door, and rummaging through the victims items.  The subject is shown taken what appears to US currency from the victim’s bed.  A short time later, an Assistant Dean at the college viewed the video and immediately identified the student.  The suspect was placed under arrest, and transported to the Brookline Police Department.

On September 30th, an officer was dispatched to Verndale St. for a report of a past breaking and entering.  On scene, the victim reported missing his laptop, which was left in his apartment’s living room. The victim reported last seeing it approximately at 2130hrs on September 29th and notice it missing the following morning. No other items have been reported missing at this time.

On October 2nd, an officer was dispatch to a residence on Longwood Ave. for a report of a past Breaking and Entering and Larceny of a motor vehicle.  On scene, the victim reported leaving for work at approximately 1440hrs. Upon arrival to work, he realized two bags containing computers, a phone, clothes, and miscellaneous papers were missing from the trunk. The victim returned home to search his residence for the missing bags but to no avail.

On October 3rd, an officer traveling westbound on Boylston St. was stopped in traffic at a red light.  The officer observed a vehicle speed out ahead two travel lanes cutting off several vehicles.  The officer activated his emergency lights, and stopped the vehicle for the marked lane violation, coming to a stop just past Brington Rd., on Boylston.  The officer asked for the operator’s license and registration and produced the vehicles registration.  The individual stated he did not have a valid driver’s license.  The officer checked with Brookline Police Dispatch, which confirmed the operator’s license was revoked. The subject was placed under arrest and transported to the Brookline Police Department.

On October 3rd, an officer responded to a past report of a shoplifting at a local business on Beacon St. A description of the suspect was broadcasted over the radio and was reportedly traveling on northbound on Harvard St. Units searched the area but to no avail.  On scene, the employee reported helping a customer at the cash register. The employee then reported witnessing the subject grab a pair of headphones a leave the store.  The stores surveillance did not show the area where the head phones were displayed.  This matter is still under investigation.

On October 3rd, an officer was dispatched to Ivy St. for report of a larceny of a package. On scene, the victim stated he had the package delivered on October 1st.  On his arrival home, he noticed the package was missing and the outer door was unlocked.  

On October 4th, an officer was dispatched to a call for a Breaking and Entering of a motor vehicle on Fairmount Rd.  On scene, the victim reported noticing through their window their car light and what appeared to be someone on in the vehicle.  The victim proceeded to his porch and yelled at the individual.  The subject immediately fled the scene towards  Dudley Road. The victim reported nothing taken form the vehicle.

On October 4th, an officer assigned to the front desk was approached by an individual who wanted to report his electronic tablet stolen. The victim reported staying at a local hotel on Beacon St. The victim stated he had left his room at approximately 1530hrs and returned at 2130hrs to find his tablet missing.  This matter is still under investigation. 

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