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Tuesday, August 18, 2015


On August 17th, an officer while on patrol recognized a subject from past encounters and believed the subject to have active warrants for his arrest.  The Brookline Dispatch confirmed the subject had two outstanding warrants and was placed under arrest.

On August 17th, an officer was dispatched to Warwick Rd. for a past report of larceny.  On scene, the victim stated his unlocked scooter was missing from the alley way that runs the length of Warwick Rd.

On August 17th, an officer was dispatched to St. Paul St. for a past report of a larceny of a bicycle. The victim reported he had chained the bicycle to a metal fence just outside of his residence the night before.  The victim noticed the bicycle and lock missing the next morning.

On August 17th, an officer assigned to the front desk was approached by a man who wanted to report his vehicle stolen.  The victim stated that he had attended church service in Brookline on Colchester St. the morning before. The vehicle would not start and left vehicle to be towed.   The towing company had never arrived and the vehicle was gone. 

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