Wednesday, August 12, 2015


August 11th blog

On August 11th officers were dispatched to Commonwealth Avenue for a report of suspicious activity outside of a Pharmacy. The Pharmacy store owner recognized these individuals from past incidents and relayed there description to the police. Upon arrival noticed two individuals matching the description and stopped them for questioning. After questioning one of the individuals was placed under arrest for shoplifting from the Pharmacy. This individual was placed under arrest for shoplifting.

On August 11th officers were patrolling the area around Kendall Street. Officers noticed two individuals who appeared to be soliciting door to door. The officers stopped these two individuals who stated they were preparing to solicit but did not start yet. After explain the towns by law the officers asked for identification. One of the individuals produced an out of state license while the other did not have any identification but told the officers there name. After dispatch ran queries for both individuals, dispatched informed the officers that the individual with no identification had an outstanding out of state warrant for their arrest. Officers placed the individual under arrest. The warrant was for Failure to Appear and Trespassing on Private Property and called for Full Extradition.

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