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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


On July 20th, an officer was dispatched to a residence on Babcock St. for a past report of breaking and entering.  On scene, the officer talked to the victim who stated when she arrived home at her apartment, and the door was open. After further inspecting the door, she noticed that the door had been forced open by a screwdriver or crowbar and her bedroom had been rummaged through.  The victim reported missing several pieces of jewelry and a small sum of money.

On July 20th, officers were dispatched to Egmont St. to speak with a resident about a past larceny. The victim stated over the weekend she allowed one of her family friends to stay at her apartment.  On Sunday, the victim stated she awoke in the middle of the night and noticed her pocket book was open on the table. She reported missing her debt card and a large amount of cash.  The next morning, the victim noticed her bank account was drain and contacted the banking company to close the account. This matter is still under investigation.

On July 20th, officers received a fax from Norfolk Superior Court Probation that an individual had violated his probation and issued a warrant for his arrest.  Officers responded to the address listed on the probation warrant and were able to contact the subject.  The individual was advised of the probation warrant and was placed under arrest without incident.

On July 20th, officers were dispatched to an apartment on Park St. for a fight in progress.  On scene, officers spoke with the victim. The victim stated that one of his roommates was heavily intoxicated and eating the victim’s pineapple at the kitchen table. The victim asked if the pineapple was his and the roommate continued to eat.  The victim then removed himself from the kitchen and went to his room. Minutes later, the subject bangs on the victims door and yelled that there conversation was not finished.  The victim feeling confused about what his roommate meant, opened the door to talk. The intoxicated roommate aggressively pushed and shoved the victim.  The victim was able to free himself and leave the room. The subject has been placed under arrest.

On July 20th, an officer on patrol noticed a suspicious vehicle parked in a parking lot off Washington St., which is usually empty at the particular time at night. The officer noticed the doors were wide open and two individuals a male and female appeared to be rummaging through the car. The officer pulled up behind the vehicle and noticed the vehicle was parked in the marked handicap spot without a visible placard. On scene, the male subject stated that they had just come from the beach and spilled root beer on the car and were attempting to clean it up. When the male subject was asked to produce identification he could not and became increasing nervous.  The officer then observed the woman quickly throw something under the vehicle. The officers then ordered the individuals to step away from the vehicle and searched for the object thrown, which he believed to be contraband.  The officer failed to produce any contraband under the vehicle; however he did notice in plain sight on the passenger side floor were syringes.  The officer then asked the owner of the vehicle if he could search the vehicle the male subject consented.  The search revealed a white rock like substance that believed to be cocaine based on the officer’s prior training and experience. The male individual was placed under arrest.

On July 21st, an officer monitoring traffic at the intersection of Harvard St. and Beacon St. observed a sedan traveling southbound on Harvard St approaching the intersection. The vehicle took an illegal left hand turn heading eastbound on Beacon Street. The officer activated his overhead emergency lights and safely initiated a traffic stop and advised the operator as to the reason for the stop. The officer then asked the operator for his Driver’s License and the driver stated he left his wallet at home. The officer made a request for dispatch to run a driving history report on the operator, which revealed his license was suspended. The individual was placed under arrest.

On July 21st, an officer conducting bicycle enforcement along Beacon St. noticed a vehicle attempting to travel the wrong way down Marion St., which is clearly marked as a One-Way Street. The officer whistled and yelled for the vehicle to pull over. The officer approached the driver and requested his driver’s license and registration. The operator produced a license from Moldova and stated his registration was at home. The officer ran a check of the registration and showed he did not have a valid driver’s license.  The driver was placed under arrest.

On July 21st, an officer was dispatched to Beech Street for a report of Breaking and Entering and Larceny of a motor vehicle. On scene, the victim stated that she had parked the car in her driveway and left the car unlocked with her purse on the front seat. The following morning she noticed that her purse was emptied and several personal items were missing.

On July 21st, an officer while on patrol observed an SUV containing three occupants on Beacon St. The officer noticed the occupant sitting in the passenger’s seat alerted the driver of the officer’s presence. The driver made an abrupt stop and pulled into a parking lane on Beacon St., which led the officer to believe the drivers behavior to be an example of nervousness. The officer to activated his emergency overhead lights to initiated a traffic stop. The officer advised the driver as to the reason for the stop and asked for a driver’s license and registration. The driver stated his license was suspended. The Brookline Police Dispatch confirmed the driver’s license was suspended and the individual was placed under arrest.

On July 21st, an officer was dispatched to a local business on Beacon St. for a report of past larceny. On scene, the victim state she had left her wallet on her desk while she was working and realized it was missing after closing the store. The wallet contained several items including the victim’s personal identification, debt and credit cards.

On July 21st, an officer was dispatched to Walnut Hill Rd for a report of a past Break and Entering and Larceny of a motor vehicle. On scene, the reporting person stated that her car was parked in her driveway at night. The next morning she noticed the vehicles glove compartment and center console was rummaged through. The victim reported missing a small sum of loose change and an electronic MP3 player.

On July 21st, an officer was dispatch an apartment of Marshall St, for a report of an attempted larceny of a motorized scooter. On scene, the victim stated during the late afternoon she heard a horn beep, which was similar to the horn on motorized scooters.  The victim’s scooter was parked in the rear parking lot of her apartment and reported looking out the back window shortly after the horn beeped. The victim noticed the cover which she usually keeps on the scooter was off and the headlights were on. The victim did think the activity was suspicious but did not initially report the incident. When she arrived home from work the next day, she noticed her scooters ignition had been removed from the scooter and broken on the ground.  This matter is still under investigation. 

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