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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Arrest made for B&E

An arrest was made last night in the Longwood Ave area for an attempted breaking and entering of a residence. The subject attempted to open an apartment door, but the door was locked. The resident was home, heard the noise and called the police. The subject left the residence and walked to the courtyard where vehicles were parked. The subject entered an unlocked vehicle, looked through it and took an item. The subject then left the vehicle and continued walking down Longwood Ave. As officers approached the subject, he threw an item from his bag that appeared to be a package. On arrival, officers approached the subject who had a package that was believed to be stolen.  An on scene investigation lead to the subject being charged with the following: attempted breaking and entering at night time, breaking and entering of a motor vehicle, larceny, and receiving stolen property.

Over the past weekend, there were four car break-ins reported. All of these were in the same neighborhood as above.  As a result of last night’s investigation, it is believed that this subject is responsible for these car breaks. The break-ins occurred during the night Friday or Saturday into Sunday morning along Francis St, Linden St and Perry St. All vehicles were unlocked. With the increase of break-ins, we would like to remind residence to lock your car doors and make sure no valuables are visible.

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