Thursday, March 6, 2014


Police Reports 3/5/2014

On March 5, an officer was dispatched to Sewall Ave. for a report of suspicious emails. The victim stated that she received an email she had believed to be from her son, the email address was off by one letter, asking for a favor. When she asked what the favor was, she received an email back asking for money to be wired to an account. The emails were found to be a scam and the matter is under investigation.

On March 5, a man came to the Brookline Police Station to report a past breaking and entering and larceny of a motor vehicle. The man stated that on Monday March 3, he parked his vehicle on Pond Ave. with his iPod charging inside. When he returned to the vehicle an hour later, the iPod was gone. No other items were taken.

On March 5, an officer was dispatched to Toxteth St. for a report of larceny. The victim stated that a laptop had been shipped to him and tracking information said that it had been delivered the day before. The man reported never receiving the package.

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