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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bike thief arrested, stealing police bike

Thursday at approximately 619 AM the departments GPS tracking “bait” bike was stolen. An officer on patrol was driving in the area of Harvard street and Thorndike street. The bait bike had just recently been locked there. The officer saw a subject removing the bike and start to walk away. The officer stopped the subject as the tracking system activated the alert to the station. The subject was quickly and without incident placed under arrest. In his possession was a pair of wire cutters, and an older model bike he claimed was his. This is the first arrest made in association with the bait bike. We will continue the deployment of it in areas that have seen an increase in the thefts. This deployment coupled with patrols should help reduce those numbers, get the word out we have lots of bait. Today’s subject arrested is a 43 year old male from Boston scheduled to be arraigned in Brookline court.

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