Note: The following information is based on an initial review of incident reports and should not be considered a comprehensive list of all incidents reported to us. The blog reports do not include sex crimes, domestic abuse, reporting of juveniles, medical reports, and other sensitive police reports.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Police Reports 1/8

Sector 4
Larceny- 1/7 – Franklin St
Officers responded to a call of a past larceny. The caller reported that on 12/12/12 he received confirmation that his package had been delivered to the front hall foyer of his building. There is no lock to the front hall. The Police advise that you request a signature for confirmation and security of all deliveries.

Operating after Suspension- 1/7 – Beacon & Washington St
Officer observed a vehicle making a U-turn that drove over the curb and caused the officer to apply the brakes. The Officer pulled the vehicle over and a license and registration check revealed that the operator had a suspended license status. The operator was placed under arrest and issued citations for Operating after Suspension, Failure to grant Right of Way, and Improper Right Turn.

Sector 9
Operating after Suspension- 1/8 at 6:14am – Hammond Pond Parkway
An Officer using radar observed a vehicle traveling at 56 mph, in a posted 40 mph zone. The officer pulled the vehicle over, and a license and registration check revealed that the operator had a suspended/non-renewable license, while the registration revealed the vehicle had revoked insurance. The operator was placed under arrest for Operating after Suspension.

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