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Friday, January 4, 2013

Police Reports 1/4

Burglary/Attempt- 1/4  at 12:35am – Browne St
Officer responded to a call of a victim who returned home from vacation to find her apartment had been attempted to be entered. The lock to the front door had been bent, and several of the screws to hold it in place were missing. The back door to the house had some damage as well, as if an attempt were made to pry it open. The attempt to enter the apartment was unsuccessful and nothing was missing. Other burglaries were reported in this area during the same time frame. 


Sector 2
Larceny- 1/3 at 12:00pm  – Linden Place
Officers were dispatched for a report of larceny from a nativity scene. Officers were able to review footage of a camera that shows two suspects taking two pieces from the nativity set. Police are undergoing an investigation. 

St, Mary's Church Brookline Mass: The manger is set up in front of the rectory at 5 Linden Place. On December 22, 2012, at 12:25 AM Two woman are seen, one climbs in the manger and has her picture taken by the other one.  The woman is seen taking a Lamb then returning about 15 minutes later and taking a cow. Police are following up with the video and are hoping people may recognize these woman from the neighborhood. The video also shows a resident walking a small white dog who may have seen the young women. Anyone with information regarding the two suspects, or a resident in the area of Linden and Hurd Rd owning a small white dog are asked to call the Brookline Police. 

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