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Monday, December 3, 2012

Police Reports 11/30-12/2

Operating After Revocation: 11/30 at 10:08am - Harvard St/ Thorndike St
Officer observed a vehicle failing to stay within the marked lanes of the roadway. A vehicle’s registration check revealed that the operator had a revoked registration status. Operator will be charged for Operating After Revocation. (registration), Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle, and Marked Lanes Violation.

Operating After Suspension: 12/1 at 12:09am – Harvard St/Coolidge St
A random vehicle's registration check revealed that the registered owner of a vehicle had a suspended drivers license. The driver/owner was placed under arrest and charged for Operating After Suspension.

Operating After Suspension: 12/2 at 2:11am – Beacon St/Pleasant St
Officer observed a vehicle traveling without a valid inspection sticker. A vehicle’s registration check revealed that the operator had a suspended license status. Operator was placed under arrest and charged with Operating After Suspension (license) and Failure to Submit Motor Vehicle for inspection.

Disturbing/Peace: 12/2 at 3:07am – Freeman St
Officers responded to Dexter Park for a report of a disturbance. Upon arrival, officers could hear yelling and shouting. A friend of both residents stated that the two subjects were having a verbal argument and that they were yelling and shouting at each other very loudly. The two subjects will be charged for Disturbing the Peace.

Burglary: 11/30 at 8:00am – Beacon St
Resident stated that he returned home to find that his front door was pried open and his bedroom rummaged through. Resident noticed several items of value missing. Detectives processed the scene and a follow up investigation will be conducted.

Burglary: 11/30 between 10:30am & 7:15pm - Carlton St
Resident reported that the front door of her apartment was pried open and items were discovered missing from within the apartment.

Larceny: 11/30 at 7:00pm – Harvard St
Employee reported that cash was taken from the cash drawer which was left unsecured.

Larceny: 12/1 at 9:00am – Beacon St
Victim reported that her wallet was stolen and two credit cards were used to make purchases.

Burglary: 12/2 at 9:00pm – Downing Rd
Resident stated that her apartment had been entered and rummaged through. Several items of jewelry were found missing.

Fraud/Credit Card: 11/30 at 3:24pm – Jordan Rd
Victim reported that fraudulent charges were made to her account in London, England. Account has since been cancelled.

Malicious Damage: 12/2 at 2:00pm – Washington St
Victim reported that his parked vehicle had been keyed. This is the third vehicle to be targeted at this location.

Fraud: 12/1 at 4:38pm – Cypress St
Victim reported that unauthorized transactions were made to his account in Italy.

General Information: 11/30 at 10:00pm – Beaconsfield Rd
Resident reported that his rear window was hit with a paintball projectile by a subject described as a white or Hispanic male in his 20s, 5’ 10’, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, and light blue jeans.

MV Theft: 11/30 b/t 6:30am and 4:00pm– Hammond St
Victim reported his vehicle stolen from a parking space in the rear of his residence. There were no signs of broken glass or anything out of the ordinary in the area of the parking area.

B&E&L of MV: 11/30 at 8:47am – Woodland Rd
Victim reported that overnight someone entered her unlocked vehicle and stole all her credit cards.

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