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Monday, October 29, 2012

Police Reports 10/29

Revoked Registration: 10/28 at 5:28pm – Cypress St/Washington St
A random query check revealed that a vehicle had a revoked registration status. Operator was charged for Operating after Revocation, and Uninsured Motor Vehicle.

Larceny: 10/28 at 1:07pm – Harvard St
Victim stated that her vehicle had been stolen from a parking lot. Victim stated that she hung her rain coat in a locker room with her belongings inside the pocket. Victim returned to find that her personal belongings were taken from her coat pocket, including her car keys which provided access to her vehicle.

MV Pursuit/Traffic Offense: 10/28 at 12:23am - Boylston St at Norfolk Rd
Officer was alerted of a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed and had refused officer’s orders to stop. A query check revealed that the driver had a suspended driver’s status. Officer was able to pull over the driver and place him under arrest. Driver will be charged for Speeding, Failure to Stop for Police Officer, Operating To Endanger, One Way/Wrong Way, Operating After Suspension (License).

Operating After Suspension: 10/27 at 11:15am – Marion St
Officer observed a vehicle with an expired inspection sticker. A vehicle registration check revealed that the operator had a suspended licenses status. Operator was placed under arrest and charged for operating after suspension and expired inspection sticker.

Larceny: 10/27 at 7:45am – Harvard St
Officer was dispatched to a report for a suspicious activity. Caller/store manager stated that a customer had lost his wallet in his store. Manager later observed a subject leave the store with the wallet. Subject is described as a light-skinned black male with a median build, about 5'7" to 6' in height, wearing a white long sleeve T-shirt, gray sweat pants, black sneakers or shoes, tan baseball style cap (no lettering), and a white dew rag bandana under the hat.

Warrant/Default: 10/27 at 2:38am – Commonwealth Ave
Officer observed a male subject with a backpack walking through a rear parking lot of an auto dealership and was looking into vehicles. Officer advised the subject of "No trespassing" signs. Subject became agitated and expressed his anger for being stopped, disobeyed officers commands and proceeded to flee the scene. Officer was able to catch the subject and place his under arrest. Subject will be charged for a warrant for his arrest, Disorderly Conduct, and Trespassing.

Warrant: 10/26 at 11:01am – Washington St/Harvard St
A random query check revealed that the vehicle's registered owner had an active warrant for his arrest. Owner of the vehicle was placed under arrest and charged with Fugitive From Justice.

Leave Scene Accident: 10/26 at 9:50am – Pearl St
Officer responded to a report for a hit and run motor vehicle accident. Victim stated that a vehicle drove closely to his vehicle and scraped its left side. Victim stated the driver of the other vehicle stopped, looked at him, and then drove off slowly. Driver was contacted and will be charged for Leaving the Scene of a Property Damage Accident.

Operating After Revocation: 10/30 at 12:12am – Harvard St

A random vehicle registration check revealed that the vehicle had a status of revoked registration. Vehicle was towed and the owner of the vehicle will be charged for Operating after Revocation and Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle.

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