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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Police Reports 7/2

Larceny: 7/02 at 6:01pm – Park St.
Officer responded to a report of a stolen scooter. Victim claimed she left it unlocked and noticed it missing when she returned. Se did not notice anyone suspicious in the area and did not have any reason to believe that anyone she knew would have taken it.

Threats: 7/2 at 3:43pm – Egmont St.
Witness observed a man gesturing his hands, as a handgun, and aimed and shot it at the bedroom window right next to his. A check of the subject’s criminal history revealed multiple adult arraignments with numerous charges. Due to the subject’s violent criminal history and the fact that he has defaulted from court numerous times, the responding officer requested that a warrant be issued for his arrest.

Operating after Revocation: 7/2 at 2:16pm – Harvard St.
After observing a crosswalk violation, an officer approached the operator of a vehicle and asked for a driver’s license and registration. A check revealed that the subject ‘s license had been revoked and had an active warrant. He was placed under arrest and transported to the station.

Fraud: Occurred 6/28/12-6/30/12
Victim noticed several different fraudulent transactions on her debit card. Transactions were made in multiple towns in both Maine and Connecticut.

Fraud: 7/2 at 12:30pm – Harvard St.
Victim reported a fraud by check. The check was assigned by a suspect who has a default warrant for his arrest. All evidence has been submitted into an evidence locker. Case is still under investigation.

Accident: 7/2 at 8:55am – Sumner Rd.
A cyclist was struck by a vehicle attempting to park. The operator stated that he did not see the cyclist. No one was injured.

Graffiti Law: 7/2 at 7:45am – Thayer St.
Officer responded to investigate a graffiti complaint on a rented truck. The truck was parked in the driveway at Thayer St. when it was marked with graffiti. The Walk & Talk unit will conduct a follow-up investigation if warranted.

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