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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Police Reports 1/24-1/25

Robbery: Occurred on 1/24 at 9:32 PM- Beaconsfield Rd.

Officers responded to the area of Beaconsfield Rd. at Tappan St. for a report of a robbery that occurred by the Beaconsfield MBTA stop. The victim stated that she had gotten off the MBTA at the Beaconsfield stop and walked to the right on Beaconsfield Rd. She was pushed from behind up against a wall by an unknown suspect, who held her face against the concrete wall. The suspect repeatedly demanded the victim’s money and phone, and the victim handed him her whole bag. She then stated that the suspect fled back down the alley way towards either Beaconsfield Rd. or Tappan St. The victim was able provide the following description: Hispanic male, 16-18 yoa, 5'5", small, spoke with a Hispanic accent, wearing dark grey sweatshirt, dark pants, and believed him to be wearing sneakers.

Several units searched the immediate area for the suspect and any discarded property with negative results. At Brookline Police headquarters, the victim attempted to track the location of her cell phone using an "App" called "Mobileme" that was installed on her iPhone. This "App" allows the user to track the location of their cell phone in real-time if the phone is powered on. At approximately 11:00 PM the victim informed officers that the "Mobileme app" was now showing the phone to be powered on and located at the Brookline Village MBTA stop on Station St. Nobody matching the suspect description was seen in the area. Detectives were able to locate items believed to belong to the victim in a trash receptacle

The victim contacted detectives again and provided continual updates of the phone's location while the above detectives traveled to the Dorchester area of Boston. The victim reported that the cell phone was traveling on Dorchester Ave. towards Howes St. With this information, coupled with no vehicular traffic traveling at that time in the direction given, the suspect was believed to be traveling on foot. Detectives observed a teenaged male who fit the victim’s description walking at the exact location at the exact time the victim provided the information of that being the route of travel of her cell phone. This male was appeared to be using a cell phone and was the sole person in the area. Detectives approached the subject, and upon viewing the cell phone, it was immediately clear that this was the phone of the victim. The phone matched the description and had the victim’s name displayed on it. A search of the subject’s backpack revealed property that had been taken from the victim.

Based on the circumstances, the subject was placed under arrest for Unarmed Robbery. The property recovered from the arrestee’s person and from the trash receptacle was returned to the victim.

Burglary: Occurred on 1/24 at 2:44 PM- VFW Parkway

Officers responded to a VFW Parkway residence for a burglary report. The victim reported that she left her home at approximately 11:45 AM and returned at 2:30 PM. She noticed that the side door was open and she discovered her Apple was missing from her first floor office area. The victim told detectives that her son identified a family friend as the most likely person who would have entered the home.

Officers then went to the suspect’s home. At this point, based on information that officers had received from the victim’s son, the suspect was placed under arrest for B&E daytime and Larceny of the laptop. The laptop was recovered and returned to the victim.

Arrest: Occurred on 1/25 at 6:47 AM- Harvard St.

Officer observed a gray Volkswagen Jetta travelling on Harvard St. with a failed inspection sticker. The vehicle was also travelling in two lanes as it passed the intersection of Harvard St. and Stedman St. The officer initiated a traffic stop on Harvard St. A query of the driver revealed that he did not have a right to operate a motor vehicle in Massachusetts. The operator was placed under arrest and charged with Unlicensed Operation of Motor Vehicle, Failure to Submit Motor Vehicle for Inspection and Marked Lanes Violation.

The arrest was made by Officer Boris Vragovic.

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