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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Police Reports 1/2-1/3

Burglary: Occurred on 1/2/12 at 7:00 PM- Winchester St.

Police responded to a Winchester St residence for a report of a past Breaking and Entering. Upon arrival the officer spoke with the resident. The resident informed the officer that he returned home at approximately 6:45PM this evening to discover that the front door to his apartment had been compromised and items from inside had been removed. The residents had been on a weekend vacation

The officer observed marks on the door and the door frame consistent with a pry tool, and the dead bolt had popped out.

Arrest:Occurred on 1/2/12 at 1:45 AM- Boylston Street

An officer observed a green Toyota Camry parked to the side of the road which appeared to be occupied by at least two occupants. After traveling around to Commonwealth Ave. and back onto Harvard Ave., this officer observed the same vehicle to now be turning onto Harvard Ave, now appeared to be occupied by at least 5 occupants. The officer pulled alongside the vehicle and observed the operator hold up what appeared to be a plastic baggie with unknown substance and make the motion of wrapping the baggie up and placing it in either a jacket/sweatshirt or other article of clothing. The vehicle reached approximately 48 MPH in a posted 40 MPH zone. The officer then initiated a traffic stop. Upon reaching the driver’s side window, the officer was able to smell a strong odor of fresh marijuana coming from the vehicle.

The operator was informed that the officer had observed him looking at a bag of marijuana while stopped for a red traffic signal at Harvard St. and Beacon St., at which time the front passenger picked up a black sweatshirt from the floor and handed it to the officer saying it was inside. A search of the sweatshirt revealed a plastic sandwich baggie containing a substance believed to be marijuana. Also in the sweatshirt was a red metal pipe with residue. A subsequent search of the occupants and the vehicle revealed more marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Four occupants of the vehicle were arrested for Conspiracy, Possession with Intent to Distribute Class D, and School Zone Violation.

O.U.I.-L:Occurred on 1/2/12 at 12:20 AM- Commonwealth Ave.

Approximately 12:20 AM an officer was in the area of Washington St. at Commonwealth Ave. stopped for a red traffic signal. Before the traffic signal turned to green and while still on solid red, a maroon colored Chevrolet Astro van, accelerated to a high rate of speed through the solid red light and continued to accelerate at a high rate of speed on Comm. Ave. towards Warren St. At this time the officer attempted to catch up to the vehicle.

The vehicle then made an abrupt lane change into the right hand lane, getting behind an MBTA bus. The officer activated the emergency blue lights and siren in an attempt to get the vehicle to stop. The driver made no attempts to stop and continued traveling on Comm. Ave and finally came to a halting stop in front of 750 Commonwealth Ave.

Upon approaching the driver’s door, the officer could detect a strong odor of alcohol. The driver was asked to the exit the vehicle and was observed by the officers as unsteady on his feet. The driver agreed to partake in several field sobriety tests. It was determined that the driver was operating the motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and he was placed under arrest for OUI-L, Failure to Stop, Operating to Endanger, Speeding, and Red Light Violation. His license was seized and he was notified by police that effective immediately his license was suspended.

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