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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Police Reports 9/21-9/24

Larceny: 9/22 at 2:48pm – Washington St
Victim stated that he discovered his wallet stolen after dropping off a suspect on Beacon St. Victim stated that the wallet was left in on the center console. Subject is described as a White male, in his late twenties or early thirties, black hair, black beard, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans, dark colored sneakers or shoes, and carrying a tan back pack.

Larceny: B/t 9/21 at 8:00pm & 9/22 at 12:00pm – Beacon St
Victim stated that his bike was stolen. Victim claimed that the lock was cut by a bolt cutter.

B&E&L of MV: 9/21 b/t 9:00pm & 11:40pm – Parkman St
Victim reported that her vehicle window had been smashed and her phone was missing. No further information is available at this time.

Malicious Damage-Auto: 9/22 at 10:00pm – Amory St
Victim stated that someone had just broken the rear window of his vehicle. Victim stated that he was in his vehicle making a turn when he had heard a loud bang from the rear of his car. Victim did not see anyone when this occurred or noticed anyone in the area afterwards.

Robbery-Firearms: 9/23 at 3:00am – Hamilton Rd
Officers were dispatched for an armed robbery with a gun. Victims stated that they were walking back to their apartment when two black male subjects approached them and took their wallet. Suspects displayed a handgun. Suspects are described as: Subject 1- Black male, 5'4 to 5'5, approximately 16 years old, wearing a white zip-up sweatshirt, blue jeans, and red baseball hat. Subject 2- Black male, 5'8 to 5'9, early 20s, wearing a stripped (vertical) blue and white polo shirt with long sleeves, blue jeans, and dark blue baseball hat. Investigation is ongoing.

Fraud: 9/17 at 6:00pm – Babcock St
Officer responded to a report concerning an internet scam. Victim received a fraudulent check from a sender who claimed that she wanted to hire the victim for a babysitting job.

Malicious Damage: B/t 9/21 at 7:30am & 9/23 at 1:00pm - St Paul St
Officer responded to a report for a past vandalism report. Victim stated that she returned to find a broken window on the first floor of her home. No one reports hearing or seeing anything suspicious.

Traffic Offenses: 9/23 at 12:55am – Beacon St/Kent St
Officer observed a vehicle to have a defective brake light. A query check revealed that the operator of the vehicle had a revoked license status. Operator of the vehicle was placed under arrest and charged with Defective Equipment (Drivers Side Brake Light), Operating Motor Vehicle After Registration Revocation, and Operating Motor Vehicle without Insurance.

Operating After Suspension: 9/23 at 4:23pm – Harvard St
Officer observed a vehicle with a defective headlight. A query check revealed that the operator of the vehicle had a suspended license status. Operator was placed under arrest and charged with Operating after Suspension and Defective Equipment.

Larceny-Bike: Occ b/t 9/22 at 6:00pm & 9/23 at 6:00am – Plowgate Rd
Officer responded to investigate a larceny of a bike. Victim discovered his bike had been stolen sometime during the overnight hours. Victim claimed that he found that the cable lock was cut off with bolt cutters.

Larceny: 9/22 at 6:25pm – Vernon St
Victim stated that she noticed that a portion of her bag was opened and discovered her wallet missing, as she was walking in the area of Beacon St and Harvard St. Later, she found that 2 fraudulent transactions were made to her account.

Invasion: 9/22 at 10:04am – Warren St
Officers were dispatched for a report of a white male who entered the monastery waving a flashlight around in a threatening manner demanding money. Officers observed the subject yelling very loudly at clergy members. Subject was placed under arrest and charged with One count of Home Invasion, one count of Armed Robbery, Three counts of Assault by Means of a Dangerous weapon (Flashlight).

Operating After Suspension: 9/23 at 1:48am – Boylston St
Officer observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. A query check revealed that the operator had a suspended/ non renewable license status. Operator was placed under arrest and charged for Speeding and Operating After Suspension.

Larceny: 9/12 at 1:30pm – Heath St
Victim stated that after she accidently left her phone in the bathroom, she returned to discover her phone missing.

Accident-MV: 9/23 at 11:15am – Horace James Circle
Officer responded to investigate a motor vehicle crash involving a motorist and a bicyclist. Victim stated that he was struck by a motor vehicle and sustained abrasions to his knee. Victim was transported to the hospital for further medical evaluation.

Malicious Damage: 9/21 at 6:26pm – South St
Caller requested officer assistance in a verbal argument that was taking place. Caller stated that prior to officer arrival; subject was very agitated and combative. Subject will be charged for Malicious Destruction to Personal Property.

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