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Tuesday, August 9, 2011



Occurred at 1:47 PM on 8/8 – Harvard St./Babcock St.

Officers responded to the area for a report of an assault. The two involved parties were a driver of one vehicle and a passenger in the other. The driver of Vehicle 1 was waiting at the light on Babcock St. in order to make a left turn onto Harvard St. When the light turned green, the driver saw that he would not be able to make the turn due to oncoming traffic, so he waited behind the stop line while the light turned red again. The passenger of Vehicle 2 then began honking and yelling obscenities, and left the car to approach Vehicle 1’s window. Vehicle 1’s driver got out of his car, with a bat in hand but held down by his side, and the passenger retreated to her vehicle. When the light turned green again, Vehicle 1 was still unable to complete the turn, and the passenger in Vehicle 2 became agitated again. She again exited the vehicle and approached his, and the driver exited his vehicle again, bat in hand. When the passenger neared his vehicle, he attempted to get back in, when she came up and closed the driver’s side door 2 or 3 times on his leg. Witnesses reported that he then pushed the door back into her. The driver of Vehicle 1 was arrested for Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, and the passenger of Vehicle 2 will be summonsed to court for Disorderly Conduct.

Found Property:

A ring was turned in at the front desk of the station. It’s being held in an evidence locker for safekeeping.


Occurred at 1:04 PM on 8/8 – Commonwealth Ave./St. Mary’s St.

Officers were dispatched to the area for a report of shoplifting. The store manager reported following the two individuals around the store, and observed one place Advil into his backpack, as well as rub zinc ointment on a tattoo on his left arm. She then approached them asking them to pay for the items, when they stated they didn’t have any money. She told them the police were on their way, and they left the store.

The store manager described Suspect 1 as a white male, wearing a black shirt and khaki pants with a tattoo on his left arm, and Suspect 2 as a white male, wearing a brown shirt and brown pants, and carrying a black backpack.

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