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Friday, November 18, 2011


Malicious Damage:

Occurred on 11/18 at 4:11 AM – Russell St./Harvard St.

Officer Vragovic was conducting overnight parking enforcement on Russell St. He observed a male subject walking southbound on Harvard St. towards his cruiser, wearing a backpack and carrying a skate board. As he approached the cruiser, he kept staring at it. Vragovic greeted the suspect, but he kept walking. Suddenly, he turned around and swung his skateboard at the cruiser, smashing the roof and the top of the driver’s door, creating a dent.

Vragovic exited his cruiser and gave the suspect verbal commands to put the skateboard down and to back away from the cruiser. The suspect became increasingly hostile, violent and aggressive. He raised his skateboard again and struck the back passenger window with it, breaking the glass. He swung his skateboard once again and broke the large, rear window of the cruiser. He ignored verbal commands to stop and continued walking down the street.

Additional units were called, while the suspect walked through the driveway of the Levine Chapel. He swung his skateboard and broke an accent light in the landscaped front yard, while continuing to ignore verbal commands. Sergeant Disario arrived on scene to assist, and he positioned his cruiser on Columbia St. at the left entrance of the Levine Chapel driveway to head off the suspect’s flight and prevent any further destruction of property.

The suspect struck Disario’s cruiser with his skateboard, denting the roof, and attempted to break two windows. He continued to smash the cruiser, when Disario observed an opportunity to safely apprehend him without injury. He was handcuffed and transported to the station.

He is charged with the following:

MGL 266:28 (4 counts) Larceny of Motor Vehicle (Maliciously Injure Vehicle)

MGL 266:126A (1 count) Malicious Destruction of Property (light)

MGL 265:15B (1 count) Assault by means of a Dangerous Weapon (Skateboard).

MGL 268:32B (1 count) Resisting Arrest.

MGL 274:6 (2 counts) Attempting to Commit a Crime (Larceny of Motor Vehicle (Maliciously Injure Vehicle))

A Criminal Complaint Form was completed and submitted to the Brookline District Court.

MV Crash:

Occurred on 11/17 at 8:38 PM – Hammond St.

Officers responded for a single motor vehicle crash. The operator of the vehicle stated that he had borrowed a friend's vehicle with her permission to go to the store. He was driving along Hammond Street towards Boylston Street when he observed an animal in the roadway and swerved in an attempt to avoid striking it. He skidded to his right and struck a tree. He continued to skid onto the sidewalk, striking the fence of a home on Hammond Street, as well as a cement light pole.

There were no reported injuries. The driver was issued a citation for Operating without a License.

Occurred on 11/17 at 8:25 PM – 1485 Beacon St.

Officers responded for a report of a 2 car crash in front of 1485 Beacon St. Vehicle #1 stopped to allow a pedestrian to cross the road, and Vehicle #2 stopped behind it. Vehicle #3 was unable to stop in time, and rear ended Vehicle #2. The operator of Vehicle #3 was cited for: Operating to Endanger, Not duly licensed to operate in the State of MA, and Operating an Unregistered MV.

Occurred on 11/17 at 6:58 PM – Beacon St./Marion St.

Officers responded to a vehicle crash. A traffic sign on the median across from 1418 Beacon Street was damaged. She was traveling westbound and attempted to take a left turn, thinking she was at the intersection, but went up onto the median and hit the sign.

There were no reported injuries.


Occurred between 11/14-11/16 – Lancaster Terrace

Officers were dispatched for a stolen bike report. The victim reported that two bikes were taken from an unlocked storage shed on the right side of the house. One was a 21 speed, royal blue older model women's bike, and the second was a boy’s bike described as being kelly green with a Scooby Doo decal on the front.

Occurred on 11/16 between 11 AM and 7 PM – Goldsmith Co. (1386B Beacon St.)

Officers responded for a reported larceny. A gold bracelet was taken that was housed in an unlocked glass display case in the rear of the store. The only unusual event during the day occurred at approximately 3 PM, when a subject entered the store inquiring about selling his gold necklace. There were two customers in the store being serviced, and he was asked to wait. He sat on a stool in the rear of the store, directly in front of the glass case where the bracelet was displayed. After a short period of time, he stood up and exited the store.

The subject is described as a thin white male, 20-23 years old, with short brown hair, wearing a long light brown coat with a hood.

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