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Friday, September 23, 2011


MV Crash:

Occurred on 9/22 at 1:34 PM – Aspinwall Ave./Perry St.

Vehicle 1 was traveling east on Aspinwall Ave. and vehicle 2 was traveling north on Perry St. Perry St has a stop sign in both directions. V2 failed to stop and yield the right of way to V1. V2 was struck by V1 and redirected on its side to 150 Aspinwall Ave causing damage to a fence and some shrubbery. The operator of V2 was issued a citation for Failing to Stop at a Stop Sign, and Failing to Yield to a M/V at an intersection. The operator of V2 and her passenger were taken to the hospital for an evaluation. Photos of the crash were taken. A surveillance video shows that that V2 stopped at the stop sign, but then proceeded into the intersection when it was not clear to do so. The driver of V1 could not stop in time.

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