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Tuesday, July 12, 2011



Occurred at 10:00 PM (7/11) – Chestnut St.

Officers were patrolling the area and observed a motor vehicle traveling on Cypress St. A query of the license plate number returned that there was an active arrest warrant for the registered owner of the vehicle. Officers pulled the vehicle over and discovered that the registered owner was driving it, after confirming through a photo from the RMV.

Once the warrant was confirmed through dispatch, officers returned to the vehicle to make an arrest. At this point, the passengers became irate and began yelling profanities at the officers, and one made a threat while throwing her sandal out the window. Once the arrest of the driver was made, one officer was attempting to explain the situation to one of the passengers, and was standing next to the vehicle while doing so. The passenger who had thrown the sandal kicked the rear door open, hitting the officer in the leg. This passenger was then ordered out the vehicle, but resisted. One officer attempted to reach into the vehicle to escort the passenger out, when another passenger pushed the officer backwards. The passenger whom the officer was attempting to arrest finally stepped out the vehicle, and was placed under arrest.

While one officer was radioing to dispatch, the passenger who had pushed the officer backwards charged at another officer and became involved in a physical struggle. O.C. pepper spray was used in taking custody of the subject. Two officers sustained minor injuries from this struggle and were treated at the scene.

Through inventory of the vehicle, marijuana was discovered, as well as empty plastic bags for distribution purposes. The three who were arrested were transported back to the station and are facing multiple charges, including Assault and Battery, Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Person, and Possession of Class D with intent to distribute.

Occurred at 9:55 PM (7/11) – Kent St.

Officers reported to the area for an attempted Breaking and Entering. When they arrived, they discovered the suspect trying to enter an apartment on the second floor of the building. The suspect was arrested on several charges, including a warrant out of Roxbury District Court.

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