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Friday, April 8, 2011

Press Release

The incident stated below occurred yesterday. The report below states that the subject was not yet located, but the subject was later located and is in a hospital in Boston.

Yesterday on April 7th, at approximately 1 PM, a male subject was being transported to Bournewood Hospital 300 South Street, Brookline. He was being transferred from a facility in Quincy where he was being treated for mental health issues. He was brought to Bournewood Hospital by Fallon Ambulance. When he arrived on the property while in the driveway, this subject walked away from the ambulance attendants. Fallon personnel called the Brookline Police to inform us of this incident. Several officers arrived and began to search the area. Shortly thereafter, Brookline officers were joined by a State Police K9 in an effort to locate the subject. A thorough search was conducted but the subject was not located. It was our belief that he had left the area.

As the search was underway, Officers passed by the Baker School. Baker School contacted the police and inquired about the status of the case. We informed them that we believed there was no known threat to the safety of the students nor was there a need to delay the dismissal of their students.

Follow up investigation with Bournewood Hospital officials revealed that as part of the intake process the sending hospital was asked about the subject’s criminal history. Bournewood told us they were informed the subject did not have a criminal history. Bournewood then agreed to accept the subject at their facility.

As this search was on going, we learned that the subject does have a criminal history but is not a registered sex offender with the State’s Sexual Offender registry board. At this time the subject’s location is unknown. Subject is believed to be homeless. His last known address was in the Quincy/ Randolph area.

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