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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 15th- 16th

February 15th -16th


Occurred at 2:51 AM (2/16) – Beacon Street/ Park Drive

Officers conducted a traffic stop for speeding. Upon investigation officer learned that the operator’s right to operate a motor vehicle was revoked. The operator was subsequently placed under arrest for operating after revocation and speeding. The passenger of the vehicle had an active arrest warrant and was also placed under arrest and transported to Brookline Police Station.

Assault with a weapon:

Occurred at 7:32 PM (2/15) – Longwood Avenue

Officers responded to a call of threats. The victim told police that a resident of the apartment building had threatened to hit him with a glass bottle because he did not sign off a piece of certified mail for him. The subject then maliciously backed into the victim’s vehicle with his own car. The subject was advised that he will be summonsed into court for Assault Dangerous Weapon-glass bottle, Threats, Malicious Destruction of Property and Leaving the Scene of Accident.

Weapons Violation:

Occurred at 3:26 PM (2/15) – Heath Street

Officers received a call that there was a motor vehicle accident at the college campus. After the accident a faculty member of the college got a call from a student stating that her roommate had been given a firearm to hold and hide for her boyfriend who was involved in the accident. The boyfriend did not want the police to find it during the towing of the vehicle, so it was giving to his girlfriend to hold it for him. Brookline Police are investigating the validity of the incident and will be notified by school officials when the subject returns to campus.

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