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Monday, January 10, 2011

Police reports

January 8th to January 10th

Indecent Exposure

Occurred between 2:30 PM (1/8) and 3:04 PM (1/8) - Pleasant Street

Officer responded to an indecent exposure call at a local library. A witness claimed that a man had entered the library and showed himself in an inappropriate manner. The man had left when police arrived.


Occurred between 8:00 AM (10/10) and 3:52 PM (12/10) - Thornton Road

A victim reported that pieces of antique belongings had been stolen. She stated that there was neither forced entry into the house nor any evidence that suggested that the house was broken into. Police are following up on the case.


Occurred at 5:14 PM (1/8) – Beacon Street
Officers responded to a shoplifting report. A suspect had been observed by the store employees stealing goods from Trader Joe’s. The suspect was arrested for shoplifting.

Occurred at 5:33 PM (1/8) – Beacon Street

Officers made a traffic stop for an unregistered vehicle. The driver was arrested for several arrests warrants and charged with multiple motor vehicle charges.

Occurred between 3:56 PM (1/9) and 4:30 PM (1/9) – Philbrick Road/ Boylston Street

Officer made traffic stop for speeding. Upon their investigation police learned that the driver was operating a motor vehicle without being properly licensed. The driver was arrested for not duly licensed.

Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle

Occurred between 6:00 PM (1/9) and 7:45 PM (1/9) – Amory Street

Officer responded to a breaking and entering of a motor vehicle report. The victim stated that the rear passenger window was smashed and several valuable items were missing from the vehicle.

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