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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Police Reports December 28th


Occurred between 3:30 pm (12/25) and 7:50 am (12/28) – 2 Brookline Pl

  • Police received a report of graffiti marks on the side of the building.

Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle

Occurred between 6:30 am (12/28) and 10:00 am (12/28) - South St

  • Victim reported to police that the vehicle was parked. When returning to the vehicle it was found to have a smashed window and the GPS unit was taken.


Occurred between 3:45 pm (12/28) and 6:00 (12/28) 31 Pleasant St

  • Victim reported to the police that while at the Brookline Public Library she had her handbag draped over the back of her chair. When she got up to leave the library her handbag was gone.


Occurred at 12:02 am (12/29) – Washington St

  • Police conducted a traffic stop for an expired registration. The operator was placed under arrest for operating with a suspended license.

Occurred at 2:55 am (12/29) – Washington St

  • Police conducted a traffic stop after observing a vehicle drive up on an island in the roadway and strike a town sign. The operator was arrested for operating under the influence of alcohol.

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