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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Police Reports Oct 8th-Oct13th

October 8th-13th Police Reports

Breaking and Entering of Motor Vehicle

Occurred between 3:00PM (10/7) and 7:45AM (10/8) – 50 Summit Ave.

Victim reported that someone had broken into his vehicle and stolen his laptop and birth certificate from the trunk of his car. Victim had found his car door left ajar before he headed to work but assumed nothing of it.


Occurred 4:03PM (10/8) – 30 Gardner Rd.

Victim reported that he had been contacted by his bank in regards to fraudulent charges that had been made through the use of her credit cards. Victim stated he didn’t know how the suspect could have come to know of his credit card information. Victim will be canceling his card.


Occurred between 1:15AM (10/7) and 1:35AM (10/7) – 1244 Boylston St.

Police reported to a local store where a theft had occurred overnight. The store manager stated he noticed the missing items when he opened the store. Police were given a copy of the video surveillance that shows three black males involved in the theft.

Occurred between 9:00PM (10/8) and 9:56PM (10/8) – 1317 Beacon St.

Victim reported that her leather purse was stolen while she was at a local store. Victim stated having driven to another location before noticing her bag was missing. Victim returned to the store but the purse was no longer there.

Malicious Damage

Occurred between 8:10AM (10/8) and 9:20AM (10/8) – 15 Newton St.

Victim found the front passenger side window of his vehicle smashed. There were no objects in or around the vehicle that could have been used to cause the damage. Victim reported seeing landscapers earlier in the day that he feels could have caused the damage in some way.


Occurred 12:43AM (10/9) – Harvard St/Homer St.

Police stopped operator once noticing that his vehicle’s front passenger side headlight was not functioning. Police checked the status of operator’s license which came back as suspended and nonrenewable. Operator was placed under arrest and cited for operating after license suspended and defective equipment. Operator’s license was seized.

Possession Marijuana

Occurred 10:50AM (10/8) – 110 Cypress St.

Police reported to a call about a group of five youths smoking marijuana. Police advised each individual of their rights and questioned them in regards to the report. Police were given consent to search the backpacks that held the substance. Due to their age, police contacted the parents of each youth. Four of the youths were issued a civil citation. One was arrested for possession of Class D with the intent to distribute.

Breaking and Entering

Occurred 2:00 AM 10/11-89 Lawton St

Victim reports that her vehicle had been broken into over night and that her GPS unit was taken from the vehicle.

Occurred between 3:00AM and 8:00 AM 10/11- 96 Lawton St

Victim reports that his vehicle was broken into and his GPS unit which was mounted to the vehicles windshield had been taken.

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