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Friday, June 12, 2009

June 11th Police Reports


  • Occurred between 1:00PM and 2:00PM(6/11) – 115 Greenough St

Victim reports that they left their bag in the waiting room during an appointment. When the victim went back to the waiting room the contents of the bag had been dumped out and their wallet, iPod and cell phone were missing. Police are following up on this case.

  • Occurred between 2:00Pm and 4:00PM(6/10) – 61 Park St

Victim reports that money was taken from their apartment while a cleaning service was there. It is suspect that one of the cleaners took the money out of the drawer where it was kept, when they straightened out the drawers. Police are following up on this case.

  • Occurred at 7:36PM(6/11) – 525 Harvard St

Victim reports that two suspect attempted to leave the store without paying for their items. The victim was able to stop the suspect that had all the items, while the other suspect fled the scene. Police then arrested that suspect.

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