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Monday, August 18, 2008

August 15th - 17th Police Reports

Malicious Damage

Occurred between 2:00PM (8/15) and 6:00PM (8/15) – 294 Harvard St

Victim reports that upon returning to his vehicle after work he observed a large scratch on the passenger side door, approximately 2’ feet long.

Occurred between 2:26AM (8/17) and 2:28AM (8/17) – Clyde St/ Newton St

Officer on patrol noticed a pole with an attached directional sign bent flat on the ground. The pole showed damage indicating that it had been struck by a motor vehicle.


Occurred between 9:00AM (8/09) and 8:00PM (8/09) – 241 Kent St

Reporting party states that he observed graffiti written on the rear wall of his property. He observed in large letters the word “Shone” and the letters “sh” written on the wall.


Occurred between 7:00PM (8/14) and 10:00AM (8/15) – 68 Harvard St

Victim reports that sometime overnight his office window had been smashed. It appeared that the suspect smashed the window in an attempt to open the door from the inside. Nothing appeared to be missing.

Occurred between 2:00PM (8/15) and 4:00PM (8/15) – 11 James St

Reporting party returned home to find that her neighbor’s door had been smashed in. Officers observed that the front door had been forced opened and upon entering the apartment it appeared that areas inside the house had been disturbed/ tampered with.

Occurred between 8:30AM (8/15) and 4:30PM (8/15) – 27 Longwood Ave

Victim reports that she returned home and saw that her front door was wide open. After entering her home she observed that several items from her bedroom drawers had been taken. Items missing included several assorted silver chains, a pearl necklace and a palm pilot valued at $300.


Occurred at 4:57PM (8/15) - Washington St/ Huntington Ave

Officer on patrol pulled over a vehicle for a traffic violation. Further investigation revealed that the driver was operating a vehicle with a suspended license. He was placed under arrest for operating after suspension.

Occurred at 11:28AM - Hammond St/ Laurel Rd

Officer on patrol pulled over a vehicle for operating with an expired inspection sticker. Further investigation revealed that the driver was operating with a suspended license. She was placed under arrest for operating after suspension.

Occurred between 9:00AM (8/17) and 9:36AM (8/17) – Winchester St

Police were dispatched to a report of a domestic assault and battery. Upon arrival police meet with the victim who reported that she was engaged in a verbal confrontation with her husband when he became aggressive and struck her twice. He was later arrested and charged with two counts of domestic assault and battery.


Occurred between 8:00AM (8/14) and 6:00PM (8/15) – 18 Salisbury Rd

Victim states that upon returning home he observed that the back yard gate had been opened. He then entered his garage and saw that two of his bicycles had been taken. The first bicycle is a yellow and blue Trek 3000 with a twist combination lock on the top cross bar. The second bicycle taken was a Blue Gary Fisher which had some rust on the handle bars. The bicycles are valued at approximately $250 each.

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