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Monday, March 21, 2011

March 18th- 21st

March 18th- 21st


Occurred at 5:11 PM (3/17) – Beacon Street

Officers were assigned to follow up on a past breaking and entering of a motor vehicle that occurred on 3/14/2011. Upon arrival officers spoke with the vehicle owner. The victim stated that a bag had been left in the motor vehicle and when returning home he realized the wallet from that bag was missing. As a follow up, officers arrived at the local store where transactions had been made according to the missing credit card statements. The store manager showed video footage of the two men that were seen using the credit cards. Police obtained a brief description of the suspects and the vehicle they were driving. While officers were conducting details on Winchester Street three days later, one officer recognized the vehicle and did a registration check. Although the traffic stop could not be done at the time, the names of the individuals were revealed. A short while later, another officer spotted the suspected vehicle again. The vehicle made an illegal left turn and the officers conducted the traffic stop. Upon interviewing the suspect during the traffic stop officers learned that the suspects driver’s license was suspended. The driver was subsequently placed under arrest for operating after suspension and failure to use proper turn signals. The suspect was interviewed later regarding the recent breaking and entering and larceny of the motor vehicle. Based on the information from the interview matching the information from the breaking and entering of the motor vehicle, the subject will be additionally charged with Uttering, forgery, Conspiracy, Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle, larceny under, and illegal use of Credit Cards. A request for a warrant has also been entered for the second suspect.

Occurred at 1:23 AM (3/18) – Boylston Street/ Hammond Street

Officers were monitoring the area when they observed a vehicle that appeared to be at a speed higher than the limit. Officers conducted the traffic stop and upon investigation learned that the driver’s license to operate was suspended and a warrant was issued for the subject due to past traffic offenses. The driver was subsequently placed under arrest for operating after suspension, operating with a revoked registration and speeding and for the warrant.

Occurred at 12:52 AM (3/18) – Kent Square

Officers responded to a report of youth disturbance. Upon arrival officers were approached by a young female who was visibly upset who stated that her brother had just been beaten up severely. Officers approached the subject and observed sever trauma to the victims face. Officer spoke with a few of the witnesses at the party who all stated that the victim was helping his sister by asking two gentleman who were uninvited, drunk and acting disorderly to leave. Upon escorting the two suspects out of the house, an argument ensued and the two suspects started to beat the victim up. A guest of the party tried to break it up, and the two suspects fled. Officers tried to contact both suspects but have not been able to locate them. Officers are applying to issue warrants on both suspects for Assault and Battery with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery causing serious bodily injury. Both parties were later contacted and arrested for the above charges.

Occurred at 2:14 PM (3/19) – Newton Street/ Grove Street

Officers were observing traffic when they observed a vehicle with commercial license plates but no owner markings on the vehicle. Officers conducted the traffic stop and learned that the operator did not have a duly license or registration. The subject was subsequently placed under arrest for not being duly licensed to operate, and for not having owner markings on the commercial vehicle.

Occurred at 5:32 PM (3/19) – St. Paul Street/ Egmont Street

Officers observed a vehicle that was known to have an unlicensed operator. Officers conducted the traffic stop and confirmed that the operator’s license had been suspended. The subject was subsequently placed under arrest for operating after suspension.

Occurred between 2:45 AM (3/20) and 3:10 PM (3/20) – Washington Street/ Cypress Street

Officers responded to a report of fire box activation. Upon arrival another fire box had been activated within eight minutes from the first. Officers observed a male that was in the area if he had activation the fire boxes. The male denied touching the fire boxes. Officers observed the male subject having trouble standing and smelled strongly of alcohol. Officers requested a query for the subject and learned that the subject had a warrant out for his arrest. The subject was subsequently placed under arrest without incident.

Occurred at 2:31 AM (3/20) – Beacon Street

Officers observed a vehicle travelling without headlights. The driver failed to pull over for the police cruiser but then later pulled over when the officer exited his vehicle. After a registration check of the vehicle, officers learned that the operator did not have a license at all. The subject was placed under arrest for operating without a license. During the arrests officers learned that there was a small amount of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia in the vehicle. The subject was additionally charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, failure to display headlights and possession of marijuana less than and ounce.

Occurred at 3:03 AM (3/21) – Marion Street/ Harvard Street

Officers observed a vehicle running that did not seem to have a driver operating the vehicle. Officers exited the cruiser and approached the vehicle. Officers observed a female with her eyes closed and her head slumped to one side as if she was sleeping. Officers knocked on the window and the subject woke up. Officers could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle and asked for the subject’s license and registration. Upon investigation officers learned that the subject was a diabetic and that diabetic reactions have similar symptoms to intoxication. Due to those facts an ambulance was dispatched to check the subject. The subject’s diabetic number results were fine and officers requested the subject to complete field sobriety tests. The subject agreed. The subject failed all three tests and was placed under arrests for operating under the influence of liquor and a violation of the open container law.

Occurred between 9:00 AM (3/17) and 1:08 PM (3/17) – Beacon Street

Officers responded to take a report of a stolen motor vehicle. Upon arrival to that location officers met with the caller, who explained that he parked his 2009 Geninue, Buddy, motor scooter, on Charles St. He stated that he left his scooter on the side walk. The victim stated that he did not lock the scooter to the handicap sign pole, but only had the steering column locked. The victim stated that he parked it there on 3/17/2011, at approximately 0900 hours, and when he came out from his office at approximately 1310 hours, he discovered the scooter missing.


Occurred between 6:30 AM (3/20) and 7:30 PM (3/20) – Beacon Street

Officers responded to a report of larceny at the Holiday Inn. Upon investigation officers learned that the victim had left her room early in the morning and when she returned the door to the hotel room was propped open. She later realized that two of her laptops were missing. The hotel room had been cleaned by the house keepers. There was also a similar incident on 3/14/2011. At this time it is unknown if the incidents are related.

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