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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

March 2, 2021

2/26/2021 BREAK AND ENTER - Officers responded to a report of a break and enter of a motor vehicle. The reporting party stated that they returned to their vehicle in the morning with their things rummaged around and coins missing. 

2/26/2021 FRAUD - Officers responded to a fraud report where the victim reported unauthorized usage of their bank accounts. The victim reported to their bank to dispute the charges in hopes that they are still pending. They were also advised to notify a credit bureau and the Federal Trade Commission/

2/26/2021 BREAK AND ENTER - Officers responded to a break and enter of a motor vehicle where the reporting party returned to their vehicle with their belongings missing and the rear view mirror misaligned. Detectives are currently following-up on this case.


2/27/2021 FRAUD - Officers responded to report of fraud where the reporting party received a letter stating that they claimed unemployment benefits from another state. Since they did not file for unemployment, they contacted police.


2/28/2021 BREAK AND ENTER - Officers responded to a break and enter of a motor vehicle on Beacon St. where the victim returned to their vehicle with the driver's seat pushed all the way back and their belongings rummaged through. Detectives are currently following up on this case. 

2/28/2021 FRAUD - Officers responded to a report of identity theft where the victim stated that there personal information had been used for a internet service account. The party contacted the service to close the fraudulent account. They contacted police and was advised to monitor their bank accounts. 


3/1/2021 BICYCLE THEFT - Officers responded to a bike larceny where the reporting party left their bike in a garage on Beacon St. They returned and discovered their bike missing. They contacted the building's security in order to get surveillance.

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