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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

March 15, 2021

3/11/2021 FRAUD - Officers responded to a report for check fraud where the reporting party relayed that they had been trying to sell exercise equipment online. Someone one agreed to buy it and sent the seller a check. After depositing the check, days later the reporting party's bank advised them that the check was fraudulent.
3/11/2021 BURGLARY - Officers responded to a past breaking and entering at a commercial establishment on Station St. The reporting party stated that they locked up the place two nights prior when they left. When they arrived in the morning, the fire alarm was going off and they immediately noticed product had been rummaged through. Several items were also missing but they were later recovered in a suitcase outside the establishment. Detectives arrived on scene to collect evidence and search for fingerprints.

3/11/2021 LARCENY - Officers responded to a larceny report where the person reporting stated that they received a text message from their bank asking to verify a purchase. After texting back that they did not recently make a purchase, a representative from the bank called them. After discussing fixing the fraudulent activity, the reporting party hung up and checked their bank account to observe that money was gone from their accounts. The reporting party called the bank again to discover that the first call was a scam. 

3/11/2021 LARCENY - Officers responded to a package theft report on Winchester St. where the reporting party claimed that they received a package delivery and moved it to the locked lobby of the building to grab it later. When they returned home, the package was missing. Upon contacting the property manager and seeing surveillance footage, a description of the suspect is available and officers are currently trying to obtain the video footage.
3/12/2021 BURGLARY - Officers responded to a residential breaking and entering on Euston St. where the resident reported that they saw a subject in their apartment and when they made eye contact, the subject exited the apartment and out to the common hallway. The resident's roommate was doing laundry and left the rear door open and this would have most likely been the entryway for the subject. The two residents confronted the subject near the rear door of the apartment and the subject relayed that they were looking for a friend in the building. When officers arrived, the subject had already left the building. An officer near the area reported seeing a person matching the description of the subject. The officer identified the subject and later was able to confirm that this was the same person that was in the apartment. An arrest was made. 

3/12/2021 MALICIOUS DAMAGE  - Officers responded to a malicious damage to a vehicle report on High St. where the reporting party stated that someone smashed their car windshield. The reporting party shared that they had a disagreement with a friend and that resulted in the friend hitting the corner of the person's car windshield. 
3/13/2021 BURGLARY - Officers responded to a past break and enter on South St. where the reporting party stated that when they went to check on their parents home due to them being on vacation, they found the front door unlocked. Upon further inspection of the home, the bedrooms had been ransacked and a safe was missing. When officers arrived, they observed that the point of entry must have been the bathroom window on the second floor. There was visible pry marks and the screen was open. Furthermore, there were mud tracks on the bathroom floor and a patio chair in the backyard directly underneath the bathroom window. Detectives arrived on scene to take photographs and collect evidence. 

3/13/2021 ANIMAL BITE - Officers responded to a report for a past dog bite on Franklin St. The reporting party stated that while running through Robinson Playground a dog ran behind them and bit them in the leg. The party and the dog owner exchanged information and contacted police. 

3/13/2021 MALICIOUS DAMAGE - Officers responded to a report of malicious damage to a building on Carlton St. The reporting party who is the maintenance worker stated that they left the building the day prior and the next morning the property manager stated that the window to a door was smashed in. Officers arrived to observe that the glass was inside the building and there was a substantial amount of it. Detectives are currently following up on the case.
___________________________________________________________________________________3/14/2021 BIKE THEFT - Officers responded to a larceny report where the victim shared that their bike was stolen from the side of their home on Marion Ter. The victim's ring camera detected the motion of the activity so a description of the suspect has been given to officers.

3/14/2021 FRAUD - Officers responded to a report for fraudulent use of a credit card. The victim received a text from their bank stating that there might be a fraudulent charge on their card. The victim attempted to find their card but realized that they lost their wallet. They are retracing their steps and trying to cancel the charges with their bank.

3/14/2021 B & E ATTEMPT - Officers responded to an attempted breaking and entering of a motor vehicle on Beacon St. where the victim reported seeing pry marks on the driver's door. Officers canvassed the area to see if other suspicious activity was present.

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