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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Wednesday, September 5th

3:50 PM- Officers were dispatched to a store on Beacon Street for a shoplifting incident.  Dispatched relayed to officers that the suspect was on foot on Harvard Street heading toward Webster Street.  The suspect was described as a black male, wearing a blue shirt, approximately 6’2”, wearing headphones, and had stolen liquor from the store.  While in pursuit, officers observed a tall, black male wearing a blue t-shirt walking on Harvard Street towards Webster Street.  The officers observed the suspect holding two bottles of what appeared to be liquor.  More officers arrived for assistance.  An officer informed the suspect that he was being accused of taking two bottles of alcohol from the store without paying.  The suspect stated “I messed up; I’m an alcoholic and have a drinking problem”. 

Two store employees had been following the suspect on foot and were able to positively ID the suspect.  An employee then informed an officer that while she was stocking shelves she observed the suspect walking away from the cash registers with a bottle of liquor in each hand.  She states they made eye contact and he then began to hurry toward to the store exit.  He then exited without paying.  The employee shouted “Sir” to him and he ignored her.  Based on the positive ID and the suspect’s statement “I messed up”, the suspect was placed under arrest.

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