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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

3/3 through 3/5


At approximately 9:30 AM, an officer was dispatched to Dummer St for a report of a past Breaking and Entering and Larceny. The victim stated that upon waking up this morning, she had noticed her cell phone and purse were missing from where she had left them the night prior. Shortly afterward, she realized that the keys to her apartment had been left in the front door by accident after returning from an event Thursday night. Police are investigating.


An officer was dispatched to Beacon St Sunday afternoon for a report of a past package theft. The victim stated she had received a delivery notification the day before confirming her package delivery to the lobby within her residence. When going to retrieve the package, she did not see one in the lobby that was consistent in size of what she had ordered. After checking once more, she determined it was stolen and contacted Brookline Police.


On Monday afternoon, officers were dispatched to Kent St for a possible attempted break and entering of a motor vehicle. The victim stated that she had parked in the driveway of her home and was sitting in the car for approximately five minutes. While in the car, a man - wearing a black jacket, sunglasses and holding an orange can, attempted to open the driver side door. When the suspect noticed the victim siting in the driver’s seat, he said something unintelligible, turned and walked away from the driveway. The victim is unaware of any security surveillance in the area. Police are continuing to investigate.

Police were dispatched to Harvard Ave for a past residential breaking and entering at approximately 3:00 PM on Monday. Upon arrival, the officers met with the victims who stated that upon returning from work, they were unable to get into their apartment because their key would not work. After unsuccessfully trying a second apartment key, they determined that the door seemed to be jammed and contacted a locksmith. The victim stated that many items and some cash had been taken from their apartment between the time frame they left for work and returned back to their residence. There appears to be no signs of forced entry at this time. An investigation is being conducted by Brookline PD.

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