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Friday, February 16, 2018

Thursday, February 15th


On Thursday afternoon, Brookline Police Dispatch received a call for a recent attempted breaking and entering on University Ave. After speaking with the caller and witnesses, an officer spoke with the victim of the residence. She had heard her door bell ring, which prompted her to look out the front window of her unit. Shortly afterward, the victim heard what was described as a "squeaking noise", which appeared to be coming from her door, located inside a locked foyer. She soon realized that the noise had emanated from the side of her door to the door knob. She saw what she believed to be a credit card, being pushed in and out, next to the doorknob. Frightened, she yelled at whoever was behind the door. Upon receiving no response, she yelled again; asking this person to identify themselves. At this time, the person outside the door replied stating that they were a mailman. The victim then unlocked the door. Upon looking out, she witnessed a man running to a bike, proceeding toward Beacon St.

Some damage to the door frame was observed at the scene. Police are investigating.

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