Tuesday, March 8, 2016


9:05pm: The breaking and entering of a motor vehicle was reported on Ackers Ave. A phone and wallet were reported stolen. A report was taken.

10:12am: A motor vehicle was reported broken into on Smythe Street, with items taken from the vehicle. The theft occurred in the early morning hours, and a description of a suspect was obtained.

11:23am: A man was arrested at a traffic stop near the intersection of Harvard Street and Thorndike Street. He is being charged with falsifying an inspection sticker.

11:45am: A resident on Walnut Street reported the breaking and entering of their vehicle. The incident likely occurred earlier that morning. Nothing was reported stolen from the vehicle.  A report was taken.

12:38pm: A shoplifting occurred at a business on Commonwealth Ave. Officers found the suspect as they were leaving the scene and found several stolen items. The suspect will be summonsed to court.

2:41pm: A caller on Washington Street reported a past larceny. Items were reportedly taken from the owner’s residence back in January. A report was taken.

2:45pm: The breaking and entering of a motor vehicle was reported on Leverett Street. Loose change was reported as possibly taken. A report of the incident was taken by officers.

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