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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


On August 24th, an officer while on patrol on Harvard Street observed an individual riding a bicycle matching a description of a bicycle that was recently reported stolen.  The officer approached the subject and identified himself as a Brookline Police Officer. The officer requested to speak with an individual to which he agreed.  The individual stated he was the owner of the bicycle and Brookline Dispatch confirmed the bicycle he was riding was not reported stolen. Brookline Dispatch conducted a criminal history query on the individual, which revealed the subject had an outstanding warrant for his arrest.  The individual was placed under arrest.

On August 25th, an officer while on patrol on Washington Street conducted a random query of a vehicle stopped at a red light.  The query revealed the vehicle’s registration and the owner’s driver’s license were suspended. The officer activated her overhead emergency lights and safely initiated a traffic stop at the intersection of White Place and Washington St.  The officer asked the operator for his license and registration which confirmed he was the owner of the vehicle. Brookline Dispatch confirmed the operator’s license and the vehicles registration were suspended and the subject was placed under arrest.

On August 25th, an officer stationed at the front desk spoke with a resident who wanted to report her bicycle stolen.  The victim stated the night before she had locked her bicycle to a tree at the corner of Willow Crescent and Clinton Rd.  The next morning the victim noticed the bicycle was missing and the cable lock that secured the bicycle was cut and lying on the ground.  

On August 25th, an officer responded to Beacon St. for a disturbance call.   The caller reported to Brookline Dispatch that the individual fled the apartment in his vehicle.  The officer spotted a vehicle matching the description that had been broadcasted over the radio and activated his overhead emergency blue lights to initiate a traffic stop on Kent St.  The officer advised the individual as to the reason for the stop. The individual stated that he got into a verbal altercation with the reporting person and was banging on the door to get his medication and check book so he could stay at a hotel. The reporting person’s version of what happened matched the subjects.  The officer then requested Brookline Dispatch to run a query check on the subject, which revealed he had a revoked license. The subject was placed under arrest.

On August 25th, Brookline Dispatch requested units to respond a local gas station on Washington St. for an armed robbery.  Dispatch gave a description of the subject and reported he exited the door heading onto Brookline Ave. Units patrolled the area to no avail. On scene, the store employee reported the individual came through the entrance and announced he was robbing the store. The employee stated the subject had pulled a handgun out and ordered him to put the money from the register into a bag. After taking the money the suspect fled on foot. The store manager arrived on scene and gave the responding officers a copy of the surveillance video. This matter is still under investigation.  

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